If I was planning to race my Porsche, I would chicken out if Singer arrives. Two of their immaculate 964 restorations are en-route to Austria, so everyone take notice: Singer Air-Cooled masterpieces are heading to the Ice Races.

This year's GP Ice Races will be hotter than ever thanks to these two cars. Their first entry is a development mule for the DLS. Known as the Dynamics & Lightweighing Study, it was a cooperation with Williams to build a featherweight composite body powered by a 500 horsepower 4.0L naturally aspirated & air-cooled monster.

Singer Celebrates 10th Anniversary at Monterey

Their second car was commissioned to be street-legal, and it has tags and registration. Known as Wiesbaden it might be the only re-imagined 964 to pass Germany's strict TÜV regulations. Click the button below to find your classic Porsche 911 and stay with us for all your Singer news.

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