Presented by Reservoir Watch - Taking its inspiration from the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of vintage measuring instruments, RESERVOIR is meant to be the reflection of eras full of cult objects, eras in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind. From automobile races with old cars to military aviation or the universe of submarines, measuring instruments are a source of inspiration both inexhaustible and powerful. The RESERVOIR collections are authentic allegories, traveling in the imaginary through the timepieces’ lines, materials and unique designs.



Imminent submersion – Dive time: 45 minutes, depth: 250 meters. The pressure builds. Desire for exploration and challenge infuse the senses and the mind. Stay concentrated in the time to check the equipment: tanks, oxygen, pressure regulator, stabilizer... Clamped to the wrist, Hydrosphere, a watch resembling Scuba diving pressure gauges, the first survival instruments for divers. Having a unidirectional, rotating bezel with a double scale, helium valve and power indicator, RESERVOIR’s Hydrosphere asserts its uniqueness with a single needle on the dial. Upending the aesthetics of diving watches, it possesses the mainstays of a successful dive: security, functionality, confidence itself and its equipment.


 1960-1990: it was during these years that so many legendary car races took place, forging the very essence of GT Tour timepieces. As the race is about to start, the driver glances at the R.P.M. counter... the mind is firing on all cylinders as the racing cars growl throatily and the powerful odors of oil and fuel saturate the air. All of a sudden, the rubber tires grip the asphalt urgently, and the driver gets a taste of the thrill of high speed, and of being the first to cross the finishing line. It is when the driver is totally focused on his task that he can, at the very core of his being, dream of victory and adventure. His senses are on high alert, as intense as the headlights piercing the darkness of the night... The GT Tour incarnates these values of precision, high performance and determination.


Presented by Reservoir Watch

RESERVOIR timepieces are innovative for the radical way the time is displayed, which is achieved by drawing on two watchmaking complications combined with the power reserve – a testament to mechanical energy and pent-up power.