Last week you might have missed the big news. Our friend Rhys Millen set a new production car record. This amazing effort didn't take place at a test track or under ideal conditions. It was the 97th running of America's most brutal hill climb. With no less than 156 corners and climbing 5,000 feet in altitude, let's ride along with the Bentley Continental GT onboard video from Pike's Peak.

Beating a record previously held by the Bentayga, the new Continental GT has serious performance hidden under a graceful body. The twin-turbo W12 engine is all-new, and it offers 626 horsepower to all wheels. While that number is not insignificant, it is the torque that launched this big car into the record books. Using electronic wastegates, the turbos allow 664 lb-ft of torque to reach all wheels. Lack of oxygen at 14,000 feet caused many cars to run rich and sputter, but the Bentley used the turbos to overcome this disadvantage. Other goodies include a 48-volt roll control system and less weight than its predecessors. If you want to drive a winner, click the link below for great offers from our dealers.

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