Every time the FIA changes the rules for the GTE class, some manufacturers struggle to keep up. That's not the case with Porsche. They enjoy a challenge, so they were forced back to the drawing board to build a better race car. We're glad they stepped up because the 2019 Porsche 911 RSR GTE was unveiled at Goodwood.

If you didn't notice, the 911 RSR won the manufacturers' and drivers' World Championships by dominating such tracks as LeMans, Sebring, and Road Atlanta.

Much like Team Corvette from a few years ago, you are bound to be hit by restrictions if you win that often. This is known as the Balance of Performance, and the FIA uses added weight and intake restrictions to even the playing field.

Because a smaller intake will be mandated, Porsche has bored & stroked the 4.0L engine to 4.194L It is the largest flat-six ever offered in a Werks car, and their goal is 515 horsepower (depending on restrictor size).