A celebration of BMW motorcycles starts today in Bavaria. Of course, the only thing better than a BMW bike is a matching truck to haul it. That's why the BMW X7 Pickup is 1 of 1. This unique concept started life as a design study, and then made into reality by the fine folks at the BMW USA plant in Greer, South Carolina. It was shipped across the pond and finished at BMW headquarters in Munich. Although the press release maintains it is only a concept, the world needs something like this.

To have a full-size SUV with a truck bed is the best of both worlds. I haul my Suzuki around in a Chevy Avalanche, and I would love to upgrade to an all-BMW lineup. The bed is lined with polished wood, with a stand for a new F 850 GS. Loading is made easier thanks to dual-mode air suspension. Carbon fiber body panels allow it to be 441 lbs lighter than a normal X7, a perfect weight offset for a touring motorcycle. If you are tempted to do this conversion yourself, click the link below to find an X7 near you and stay with us for all your BMW news.

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