Just in time for the release Todd Phillips' new "Joker" film is the RJ ARRAW "The Joker" watch. This new timepiece is limited to just 100 examples and draws inspiration from the sadistic villain from DC Comics.

The Joker-inspired touches of the watch are very apparent. A close look at the titanium bezel will reveal a horde of Joker faces that were laser-engraved. For the dial and hands of the watch, RJ stylized it all with playing card motifs. There are also two airbrushed "black eyes" that are done by hand. This means no two watches will have the same "face."

Turn the watch over and the caseback presents a laser-engraved portrait of the Joker. Holding the watch onto the wearer is either a bright green or purple alligator skin strap, which would match perfectly with any of the Joker's suits. There's also a black rubber strap, but the others are way more fitting, albeit not waterproof.

The RJ ARRAW "The Joker" is for sale now with a price of $15,700. For more information, click here.

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Source: RJ