On the grounds of Chateau de Chantilly, the historic building in Chantilly, France, the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille was held on June 30, 2019. This event gave the public the first time to see the McLaren Speedtail since its unveiling.

McLaren managed to also take home the "Best of Show" for this year's event, thanks to the Speedtail they presented. This example was finished in a Saragon Quartz body with an Oxblood aniline leather and nubuck interior. McLaren also brought out an example of their new GT model, finished in Burnished Copper with Gloss Black diamond-cut alloy wheels.

The event last for just one day, but that entire day was filled with supercars, hypercars, classic cars and more. While the cars were a sight to see, the scenery added to the lavishness of the event.

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