There's no doubt in my mind that the new Porsche 935 is one of my favorite cars this year so far. It combines the technology and power of modern Porsches with the unique styling that made the 935 stands out on the track. Part of the technological aspect that makes the new 935 so special is its body.

Even though the new 935 is based on the 911 GT2 RS, it has a new body. Instead of the aluminum and steel body found on the GT2 RS, the 935's body has been replaced using some carbon fiber composite parts. The result of this is a car that weighs just around 3,040 lbs.

Porsche recently showed off the bare body of the new 935 in an Instagram gallery. In the gallery, you see carbon fiber composite that makes up the body panels. Honestly, I would forgo any livery and drive it like this. It just looks so mean! Alright, I'd probably matte or gloss coat the entire thing, but the all-black visual is something else.

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Source: Instagram