Lexani Motorcars is teasing something BIG. To be a bit more specific, they're teasing the new G-77: Sky Master. This new creation looks to be one of their finest creations yet, replete with all of the amenities and luxury you'd expect from Lexani Motorcars.

In the description for the video teaser regarding the G-77: Sky Master, it reads: "Dear Viewers, Thank you for the overwhelming support over this past decade. Without your encouragement, enthusiasm, and feedback, the journey here would have been far less fulfilling, and our final product… less interesting. Our elite engineers, craftsmen, and artisans have strived tirelessly to blur the border between luxury and utility, but we've only been able to reach these heights because we listened to so many of you. A new chapter is here, one we've written together. Everything changes Monday, July 1st."

So, on July 1st we'll finally be able to see Lexani Motorcars' creation in its entirety. Be sure to check back with us on that date to see it!

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