As we celebrate our Independence Day, England will host the world's fastest cars. So they lost a few colonies a few years ago. What they gained was a world-class hill climb race at Goodwood House. For the 26th annual gathering, the Duke and Duchess of Richmond have invited automakers and the OEM suppliers to showcase their new products. So here is the Michelin Paddock Preview for Goodwood 2019.

First up are the new car introductions. The Prato Orage is a new French GT car sporting an 8.1L Big Block V8. It is rated at 900 horsepower, & with 737 lb-ft of torque, it can reach 62 mph under 3 seconds. Essentially a supercar body bolted to a Chevrolet 496, it has individual throttle bodies and a giant roller cam.

Next up will be the resurrection of DeTomasso. This famous marque will unveil their Project P next to their cousins at Apollo. The Apollo IE uses unique Michelins to offer amazing grip, so the IE will also be returning. Their paddock (or booth) has outgrown all previous locations, so now it will have the premium spot next to the Starting Line. It will offer spectators a great view of a Koenigsegg Jesko in its first public outing.

The Ginetta Akula is a small sports coupe with a V8 sitting between driver and passenger. Ginetta is an English racing technology firm that is looking to build its first street-legal machine.

Lastly, we have an electric 1967 Mustang built by Charge Cars. Their battery is mounted low for great cornering, and the car offers a combined torque of 7500 Nm or 5,531 lb-ft of torque! Tell us which one you want to see race up the hill, and stay with us for all your Goodwood coverage.

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