Corvette fans make up a large part of our events, and they are divided over the details of the car's next generation. We learned the mid-engine C8 would be unveiled in Southern California a few weeks ago. With the help of CorvetteBlogger, we now know the Chevrolet Corvette reveal event schedule.

Make plans to be in Tustin on July 18th. Although the exact location has not been disclosed, we know that 75 Corvette owners from around Orange County were invited to attend. These lucky few will have a private party with food & drinks at 4 PM. The doors open at 7 PM, and the car will be unveiled at 8 o'clock. Chevy will live stream the event, so make note these times are Pacific.

Like we keep mentioning, many people are scared of such a radical departure from tradition. This unfounded panic has caused many of our dealers to experience a rush to buy the last C7 Stingrays, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 models. Production has already ended and the last cars are en route. So click the link below to find yours and stay with us for all your Corvette news.

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