Florida is home to several endangered species, but the Snowbird is not among them. These restless creatures migrate south in the Winter, and the most successful versions like to bring their amenities with them. In the old days, this bi-annual trip was easily accomplished by the railroad. However, the Interstate highway system put an end to the private rail car.

In the 1970s, Arthur Pliaconis made a living transporting artwork and furnishings for the wealthy. After realizing the untapped potential of the Snowbirds, he bought a truck and rented a trailer. Treating each customer and their belongings with the utmost of care, one truck evolved into many. Word began to spread west, and Plycon Transportation Group was incorporated in 1982.

Because every object arrived safe, business kept expanding. There are no 3rd party hooligans to deal with because Plycon employees are the only ones that touch your property. No job was too big or too small, and occasionally a customer would include a motorcycle or car along with their other property. It wasn't unusual to see an Austin-Healy riding on a purpose-built platform, surrounded by artwork and family heirlooms. Giving cars the same white glove treatment, Plycar was born.

This required a nationwide system of warehouses and Arthur realized he had a logistical advantage. His sons Dean, David and Chris were groomed to understand this business from an early age, so they left the home base to run Plycar across the country. Around 1990, Dean opened the Torrance, California location. David keeps the Snowbirds happy in Pompano Beach, Florida, and Chris runs the original office in King's Park, New York. Each facility is massive, and it allows them to temporarily store your car or prized possessions if needed.

Arthur passed away in 2006, but he left a legacy that his family has come to embrace. Today they operate over 200 trucks, each one with real-time GPS tracking. In addition to their full-size car haulers, Plycar has the largest fleet of single-car carriers in the nation. This means your prized ride won't be shuffled around at each stop, or leaked on from above.

Their attention to detail caught the eye of Porsche North America, and soon Plycar was transporting every VW brand. Lamborghini, Bentley, and their competitors depend on Plycar to deliver new inventory in factory condition. Their reputation speaks for itself, and nothing is off-limits. If the manufacturers trust them, you can rest assured that your car will be safe. To request a quote, click the link below and tell them duPont REGISTRY sent you!

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Our enclosed multi-car carriers have the latest equipment, ensuring your vehicle is safely loaded and secured. If our full-sized trailers are not an option, our fleet of single carriers are at your disposal. Plycar takes full responsibility for every move. Our team members are specially trained to meticulously protect and steward high-end vehicles. We do not cross dock or ship part way and hand off your cargo to another carrier to finish the job. Plycar maintains fully staffed terminals in key markets across the United States.