Maserati is planning for big things starting next year, thanks to FCA's €5 billion investment program for Italy. In total, Maserati will have a total of around €1.6 billion invested in their plan to release new models.

Within their plan is a major push towards electrifying their cars and autonomous driving. Maserati will start off their electric push with the Ghibli hybrid, which will be coming in 2020. Then, Maserati will be revealing a new utility vehicle. Expect the first pre-series cars of this new model to roll out in 2021.

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Maserati is also looking towards a future with autonomous driving capabilities in their vehicles. They note in a press release that their new models, including updated current models, will have some form of autonomous driving capabilities. It will start with level 2 enhanced Highway Assist capabilities, and then Level 3 autonomous capabilities, which is close to full autonomy.

The Italian automaker is also proud to announce that all new Maserati models will be 100 percent made in Italy.