A big red book. You either have one or you don't. It means everything to Ferrari aficionados, as it is a badge of honor. If your car has gone through the rigorous Classiche Certification you might be scared to drive it on public roads. Enzo would be ashamed because his cars were meant to be driven. That is why this year's Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche concluded in Rome.

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Working with the city government, Ferrari carved a new route over ancient roads. Starting at the Appian Way, stops were made at Lake Salto, Mount Terminillo, and Marmore Falls.

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After passing Castel Gandolfo over 80 historic Ferraris made their way through the streets of Rome. Notable attendees were the 1954 Monza 750, 1957 TRC 500, and a 257 GTB from 1964. Don't feel bad if you weren't invited, as Ferrari Classiche only restores a handful of cars annually. Our dealers can walk you through the process, so click the button above to get the ball rolling.