Watching the evolution of luxury SUVs is like high-stakes poker. The players are well known, but uncovering your opponent's strategy can make or break your profitability. Thankfully, Aston Martin has an Ace up their sleeve, in the form of the Mercedes-AMG V8. In a press release this morning we learned that the Aston Martin DBX will arrive in December with unprecedented performance.

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Relentless testing at the 'Ring has allowed it to perform consistent laps under 8 minutes. This is possible because the DBX has endured more real-world testing than any Aston Martin. Once the suspension was sorted out, they realized it could handle more power.

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Turning up the boost, it will arrive with 550 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Not only does this make it their most powerful V8 in the lineup, but it will also raise the bar for others to follow. Click the button above to find a dealer near you, and stay with us for all your Aston Martin news.


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