Sacrifices must be made to build a new car. It is easy for Chevy or Ford to write off a dozen examples to prove their safety, but smaller companies have much higher costs to deal with. Mate Rimac and his engineers are almost ready for production, as the Rimac C_Two crash testing shows incredible details.

Before any parts were made, their supercomputers were crunching numbers around the clock. Even the best virtual testing can't replicate real-world variables. The front subframe is meant to compress like an accordion to dissipate energy. Watching it spread apart took them back to the drawing board.

Rimac C_Two Crash Testing With Help From Porsche

Porsche's investment in 15.5% has allowed them to pick up the pace, so we're excited to see the C_Two is nearing production. Tell us what you think of it in the comments below, and stay with us for all your Rimac news.


Rimac C_Two Makes Debut at Petersen Automotive Museum