Wakeboarding is a great way to spend time with friends, so you need a proper boat to entertain them. That is why Ken Block has unveiled his new Raptor powered Supra boat. It is similar to the one he bought last year, although the new SL550 offers more entertainment and more room.

It is powered by a Roush 6.2L V8, the same 575 horsepower beast found in the first generation Roush Raptor. Marine Products customized the interior with incredible audio, full color LED lighting, HD instrument and navigation displays, and a wild paint job. It is a perfect match to his Hoonigan Raptor, with both being as subtle as a train horn.

Ronix Wakeboards provided two wakesurf boards emblazoned with photos of Ken's dogs. Life is good for the Chief Hoonigan, so tell us what you think of this setup in the comments below.

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