Bentley Motors is motoring right on ahead as they get closer to their Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) attempt. Their goal is to break the production car record with their new Continental GT.

Currently, the record sits at 10:26.9, but that won't deter Bentley. In fact, just last year they broke the production SUV record at Pikes Peak with a time of 10:49.9. That's not far off from the current production car record, and I'd imagine the Continental GT could drastically cut that time. Putting the odds even more in their favor is the driver, who will be none other than Rhys Millen. With a nickname like "King of the Mountain," he's the perfect driver for the attempt.

Rhys Millen and the Bentley Continental GT he will be driving.

"We have taken much learning from our successful visit to Pikes Peak last year with the Bentley Bentayga and applied it to our preparations this time around,"
said Bentley’s Director of Motorsport, Brian Gush. "We are proud to demonstrate the Continental GT’s breadth of abilities in competition on a global stage."

The Bentley Continental GT's record attempt will take place on June 30.

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