Sony Electronics Inc. is bringing their Crystal LED (CLED) display system into homes with the announcement of home installation. Before the announcement, this system was only available in venues. What does this mean? People can now have experience incredible 16k in sizes up to 790-inches. Yes, that's 63 feet wide and 18 feet tall.

If you're interested, let's dig into the prices. First, I should mention that these displays are actually comprised of modules that combine to create the entire display. You can see an example of a 288" display module being built down below. According to, a module of CLED display can cost around $10,000. For a 220-inch display (4K), there are 72 units. That would bring the price up to an estimated $720,000. For the 16K display (790-inches), there are 576 units of the CLED modules. That would be an estimated $5,760,000. Now, this pricing is just an approximate according to's estimated value per module. When Sony drops the actual price, we'll be sure to let you know. You can learn more about Sony's CLED tech here.

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Sources:, Sony Electronics Inc. - Featured Image Source: PRNewsfoto/Sony Electronics Inc.