There are thousands of ways to lift a truck, and a few can be dangerous. That's why changing suspension parts is usually handled by dedicated 4WD shops. The aftermarket industry is quick to develop upgrade parts for new trucks, and one company has found a better way to market their suspension systems. That is why Ford Performance has unveiled Fox Racing leveling kits for the Ranger and F-150. Now you don't need a Raptor to enjoy some of their fun!

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A new coil-over package has been developed for both trucks, and it is based on a 2" front lift. Fox Racing spent countless hours with Ford engineers to develop the perfect spring rate and shock valving. As a true coil-over, the springs can be pre-loaded with a spanner wrench and lock rings. This gives the Ranger a 21% increase in approach angle and 10% more on the break over. Numbers for the F-150 are similar, with 22% front and 7% respectively.

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The kits include new upper shock mounts with poly bushings, and they are available at any Ford Parts Department. It is nice to see the Raptor's technology becoming available across the lineup, so stay with us for all your Ford Performance updates.


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