Some prototypes are easier to hide while testing. Camouflage and evasive drivers only go so far, but the target audience has to be on your level. We think smaller drivers who have the means deserve a fast & stylish electric car, and so does Bugatti. The first Baby car was a smash hit, so the Bugatti Baby II was unveiled alongside the Chiron Super Sport 300 at their 110th anniversary.

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This 3D printed mico car is a 75% scaled version of the timeless Type 35. Limited to 500 examples, it will be assembled in cooperation with the Little Car Company. It will be offered in three models:

  • Baby II base model with composite (fiberglass) body
  • Baby II Vitesse with carbon fiber body and "Speed Key"
  • Baby II Pur Sang has a handmade aluminum body and "Speed Key"

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Each one is 110" long and almost 40" wide. Under the body is a 2.8 kWh battery that should provide a range of 18 miles. The pedal box is adjustable for the baby in all of us, although it is Right Hand Drive only. The normal key sends 1kw to the motor for 12 mph. Those with the "Speed Key" can unlock 4kw to reach 28 mph. Without a driver, the curb weight of the lightest model is 500 lbs, so it will be a handful in the corners. Choose from the traditional French Racing Blue, or it can be hand-painted in any moder Chiron livery.

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Every example has been spoken for, but there is a waiting list for potential adoptions if an order is canceled. Each car comes with a membership to the Little Car Club, where children are allowed to race under supervision on the world's greatest tracks. Prices start at $33,157 before taxes and a tiny license plate. The first person to swap an LS into one will receive a year's subscription to the World's Greatest Car Magazine, so stay with us for all your Bugatti news.


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