Racing at high altitude was once a fool's errand. Before hybrids and modern turbos, the carburetor was the great equalizer of such events. Even Ferdinand Porsche supercharged his Volkswagen Beetle to travel between his home in Austria & the factory in Stuttgart. So we think he would be happy to see a Porsche 918 & Bugatti Chiron take on a McLaren 720S in Switzerland.

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Andermatt is a village surrounded on 3 sides by vertical walls of granite. With a mean altitude around 5,000 feet, the turbocharger and hybrid systems are almost more important than the gasoline that powers them. As you might know, the Porsche 918 and the Bugatti Chiron represent the engineering ambitions of the Volkswagen Group. How do they compare to an intrepid English supercar? The McLaren 720S can hold its own against most production cars, so tell us which one you would drive in the comments below.


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