Presented by Luxe Colour International - Car wrapping hasn’t always been an elegant expression let alone bespoke! It began decades ago using calendared vinyl; which didn’t stretch, it didn’t have air release, went on wet and definitely would rip the paint right off your beloved motorcar. Then along came cast vinyl a little over a decade later which gave you stretch, air release and the ability to wrap complex curves. Just when people were embracing cast vinyl then came the specialty laminates which allowed for mattes and chromes. These have been around almost as long as cast vinyl, with few improvements. Well… every generation needs a new evolution.


Luxe Colour’s founder has been there through it all and has been one of the industry’s change agents since prior to opening the company. Knowledge, experience and precision rarely collide at exactly the right moment like it has for Luxe Colour International, launching it straight to the top. The quicker we go, the quicker we learn.

When you receive your wrap from Luxe Colour it can convey your professionalism, your rigor or your outrageously fun personality depending upon the design. Luxe Colour understands the rules… just long enough to break them. Our personnel routinely deliver fresh styles of wraps that display matte, high-gloss, texture and chrome finishes… sometimes all at once. The fresh wraps served daily from Luxe Colour truly speak to the drivers’ personality.

Each Luxe Colour wrap is like a capsule of emotions that has exploded onto the bold contours and soft lines of your motorcar or cycle. They shatter the status quo.

A Luxe Colour tailor-made wrap can take the exquisite lines that once attracted you to your motorcar in the first place and highlight them with your personality or the personality you think it ought to have! Luxe Colour wraps have been considered bespoke works of art, industry disruptions and in 2020 will be known for looking into the future unflinchingly and blending those bold contours and exquisite lines into the most transformative virtual reality experience that your vision has ever allowed you to see. It’s real and it’s coming.


Presented by Luxe Colour International

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