Say what you want about the Geländewagen, it is an incredible SUV with decades of dominance. We have a new Mercedes-AMG G63 downstairs, and it is the measure to which every other SUV should be compared. But it you want more power and incredible amenities, Brabus has unveiled the Black Ops 800 & Shadow 800 G63 AMG.

Released over the weekend, the Black Ops 800 arrived on the German island of Sylt. This kicks off the Brabus VIP Summer tour 2019, which will include several high-profile events. At the same time, the Brabus Shadow 800 was unveiled at Top Marques Monaco 2019.

Brutal Power

Only ten examples of each will be produced, each one offering 800 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque. This will allow them to rach 62 mph in 4.1 seconds, with an electronic speed limiter at 150 mph. Both models will also arrive with 23" Brabus Platinum Edition forged wheels. They are 11" wide and wear 305/35 tires.

Black Ops 800 Interior

Black Ops 800

Sylt is a German island near the border of Denmark. This ancient Viking stronghold was the perfect setting for the Black Ops 800. It is based on the Brabus Widestar, being 4" wider than a standard G63.

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The red wheel accents are complimented by naked glossy carbon in several places. The interior is dark gray and black leather along with red contrast stitching. Brushed aluminum and carbon fiber make the interior truly unique.

Shadow 800 Interior

Shadow 800

Monaco is the perfect setting for the Shadow, as it was placed next to the latest Brabus boat. The Brabus 500 Shadow Ops boat is 30' long and developed in Finland by Axopar Boats. Like the boat, the Shadow 800 is painted in Gunmetal Gray. In contrast to its brother, the Widestar parts are finished in gloss black.

The real treat is on the inside. Brabus master upholsterers chose black, light gray and red leather. It has pinpoint quilting in several sections, and the A-Pillars are Alcantara. Both models have dual mode exhaust. The pipes open for the roar of the Valkyries, or you can sneak back home in "Coming Home" mode.

Both models are also backed by a 3 year/100,000 km warranty and they will be instant collectibles. Click the link below to view our Brabus G63 inventory and stay with us for all Brabus updates.

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