The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has entered the world as the Italian automaker's most extreme creation yet. It's power and styling make it a head-turner when it's parked or racing by. However, that wasn't enough for the owner of one such Aventador SVJ. Alexandre Mourreau, who notes that he is the director at Cars & Coffee Geneva in his Instagram profile, turned to Alec Monopoly to spruce up his supercar even more.

With a few cans of spray paint, the graffiti artist took to the Giallo Orion exterior of the car. As autoevolution points out, this car has most likely been given some kind of film treatment, because it appears as though Alec Monopoly was spray painting right onto the original paint.

It's definitely a different paint job than most Lamborghinis, that's for sure. I'm just left wondering how an exterior spray painted by a famous graffiti artist would alter its resale price if left on.

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Source: Instagram via autoevolution