We have been anticipating this one for months. While there was nothing wrong with the previous generation, advancements in technology and power were saved until the right moment. And that time is now, as Bentley has revealed the all-new Flying Spur. This marks the third generation of their Grand Touring Sedan, and it will debut several new systems.

The first is Bentley Dynamic Ride. It incorporates the functions of the sway bars into the shock absorbers for continuous adjustment of the suspension response. A silky smooth ride is complimented by All-Wheel steering. Borrowing parts from their cousins at Porsche, it offers more stability on the highway and incredible low-speed maneuvering.

Lastly, the AWD system send power to the rear by default. It only engages the front wheels when wheel slip is detected. A formal reveal will include all the details on June 11th. You know where to see it first, so stay with us for all your Bentley news.

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