A stranger appeared at the Lamborghini factory in 1969 and asked for a tour. Once they realized it was Frank Sinatra they rolled out the red carpet. He saw the early P400 Miuras being built by hand, and it was there he ordered one for himself. He told the press "If you want to be someone, buy a Ferrari. If you are somebody, you buy a Lamborghini". His friend Dino Crocetti (Dean Martin) immediately followed, along other Italian crooners. That is why Lamborghini Polo Storico has restored Little Tony's 1971 Miura.

In their latest press release, we've learned that Anthony Ciacci was a singer from Rome. After adopting his stage name of "Little Tony", he rose to fame and moved to San Marino. This is where his Miura P400 S was delivered on March 2nd of '71. It was purchased by an Italian collector with the intent of being restored for this year's Concourso at Villa d’Este (Memorial day Weekend).

After consulting with his local Lamborghini dealer, headquarters was contacted for all the car's information. Working with Polo Storico, every part that showed wear was replaced with new parts. This was a learning project, leading to 200 new restoration parts being added to the lineup in 2018. Once the work was completed, the car was certified by Polo Storico as being historically significant thanks to Little Tony, and also because it is 1 of 6 Miuras ordered with Azzuro Mexico paint.

Polo Storico will restore any Lamborghini up to the 2001 model year, so if your raging bull is getting tired, send it home for some TLC. Click the link below to find a Lamborghini dealer near you, and stay with us for all your exotic car news.

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