Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Miami has graced the world with a new collection of cars that were inspired by Miami, Florida. Being a Florida-based company, we at duPont REGISTRY always appreciate any love Florida gets and this collection is no exception. The collection is called "Miami Collection, Six of Six" and it includes three different models, the Dawn, Ghost and Wraith.

There are two parts to this collection: Miami by Day and Miami by Night. Both parts of the collection have one of each model in them, but each carries completely different vibes.

In the Miami by Day half of the collection, the cars are reminiscent of a sunny day in Miami. Each car is finished in a two-tone paint scheme of Carrara White over Latte. Inside is Seashell leather with Oatmeal and Dark Spice accents, and Open Pore Royal Walnut woodwork. Altogether, these cars are just as bright and refreshing as a day in South Florida.

Rolls-Royce Miami Awarded American Dealer of the Year for 2018

The Miami by Night collection is a different story. Instead of the bright tones, these three cars are finished in a stunning Dark Indigo paint that's as dark as the night sky. Each car has an equally dark cabin that features Sunrise leather with Purple Silk accents and Mimosa Negra Open Pore veneer.

All six cars were are marked by a Palm Tree motif that can be found on the in the hand-painted coachline, on the headrests and treadplates.

Prices for each of the cars in the Miami Collection vary depending on the model, ranging from $430,000 for the Ghost to $470,000 for the Dawn Miami Night edition. If you're interested in checking them out, they will be on display at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Miami.

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