The anticipation surrounding Rimac's 2nd model is palpable. As they are finalizing the car, the Rimac C_Two crash tests are getting help from Porsche. The launch of the Taycan has been shocking the world of electric cars, and it wouldn't have been possible without engineering and parts from Rimac. Porsche purchased 10% of the company in June of 2018, and now with the Taycan Turbos traveling across the U.S. Porsche announced an increase in their partnership.

In a press release this morning, Porsche revealed their stake in Rimac is up to 15.5%. It could be a repeat strategy they used in 2005. Porsche bought stock in their parent company little-by-little. When the investors announced their intentions to buy VW Group, it turned into a family feud. Mate Rimac has no reason to turn down this investment, in fact, he has welcomed this German-Croatian partnership. It has allowed the C_Two to offer almost 2,000 horsepower with a top speed of 256 mph. The war of high-voltage rides is heating up, so stay with us for all your Rimac news.

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