RENNtech’s Exhaust Valve Module delivers 100% unrestricted sound and rumble at the touch of a button.

True to their Performance Without Compromise motto, RENNtech has developed a remote-controlled Exhaust Valve Module that overrides the restrictions set by the factory Mercedes-AMG Sport and Performance Exhaust Systems that incorporate flaps/valves.

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The Mercedes-AMG exhaust systems are designed to produce a varying range of sound and rumble by opening and closing the valves. Mercedes-Benz claims that the valves can be fully opened in Sport and Sport + mode, but a quick visual inspection (look into the tailpipe) reveals that the valves are only partially open at low RPM or speed.

With a push of a button, RENNtech’s Exhaust Valve Module will fully open the exhaust valves, giving the driver total control and 100% unrestricted AMG sound regardless of speed, RPM or driving mode.

In open mode, Button 1, the EVM opens the valves fully, not only three-quarters of the way, and will keep the valves open at all RPM’s for an extended range of sound & rumble. The valves will remain open until pressing Button 2 (closed mode) on the remote. In closed mode the exhaust valves return to factory settings in selected driving modes (Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Race).

The bottom line is that RENNtech’s EVM is an easy and affordable way to enhance the sound and rumble without changing the factory exhaust system as long as it comes with factory-installed exhaust valves. The result is a great-to-awesome improvement in sound and rumble, which is most noticeable at low range engine speeds. The Plug-and-Play installation is for the intermediate/advanced garage guru, or about 30 minutes at a local shop. The EVM is available for most Mercedes-AMG models equipped with factory Sport or Performance exhaust (complete list on RENNtech site).

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