We've all seen it before in the movies. Someone is having a bad day, they go to get out of their car, open the door and 'wham,' a car drives by at that very moment. There goes the door. This is exactly what happened to a Ferrari 458 Challenge that was waiting on its way to get loaded up into a trailer.

The driver of this car was about to pull into the trailer when they decided to get out really quickly. At this very moment, a Mazda 3 was driving by on the driver's side. It seems the driver didn't hear the protests from people watching it all go down, because he swung open the door just as the Mazda drove by. Goodbye, door.

Let this be a reminder to always check those mirrors before getting out of the car. Having no doors may be cool on a Jeep, but not so much on a Ferrari race car.

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Hat tip to Autoevolution for finding this one.

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