A few days ago, a purpose-built Bugatti Chiron was clocked at 304 mph. Only one track in Europe could be trusted with such a test, so it was performed at Ehra-Lessien, a few miles north of Wolfsburg, Germany. Because cars are only allowed to run counter-clockwise, the asphalt has developed a grain in that direction. This prevented a test in the other direction, which is needed for a world record. That's why CEO Stephan Winkelmann admits Nevada would have been faster.

Aside from Area 51, Nevada has some seriously fast machines. Twice a year, the Silver State Classic is an unlimited run across 90 miles of highway 318. It is also where the current world record holder reached 284.55 mph. That Koenigsegg Agera RS was a production car with safety and telemetry installed. The Bugatti used to reach 304 mph has nothing in common with a production Chiron. The body was outsourced to Dallara, who exaggerated it to be longer and wider.

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After going over their data, Bugatti engineers realized why Christian von Koenigsegg chose the Silver State. Turbocharged cars run much better at higher altitudes. Aerodynamic drag is much less, as Nevada's air pressure is less than 88% of sea level. Combined with no humidity in the desert and it makes for a perfect run. They might have reached 300 mph in a production Chiron Sport instead of the race car we saw. But Stephan said Bugatti is done chasing records. It is time to focus on the future for their elite clientele. Will the Koenigsegg Jesko reach 300 mph in Nevada? Stay with us to find out!

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