Saturday was perfect weather for a car show. Our monthly event has become popular around the world thanks to Social Media, so our friends at Specialty Vehicle Engineering decided to bring their latest build. It has been 28 years since GMC added boost to their midsize truck. The original Syclone and Typhoon are still fast by modern standards, so a new version is long overdue. So we're glad the 2019 GMC Syclone for sale was unveiled at duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee.

SVE was founded as Street Legal Performance in 1987 by Ed Hamburger. A drag racing legend with a history of developing performance parts, he decided to offer upgrades that would be legal in all 50 states. This takes time and patience, especially to pass California's Air Resources Board. Along with his son David, their first car was the 1992 Pontiac Firehawk. Their modifications were so popular that GM allowed them to take over Firebird WS6 production in 1994.

After reviving the Camaro SS in 1996, they were turning out thousands of cars annually. Ed decided to retire and sold the company to Jack Roush, but sitting idle is not his style. After doing some research, he found out who owned the Yenko name. After intense negotiations, they resurrected the Yenko Camaro. Their SVE 1000 Yenko Camaro was unveiled here in 2017, and orders are still flowing in.

This allowed them to purchase the rights to Syclone and Typhoon from GM, and work began. After digging deep into the 3.6L V6, they developed a supercharger unlike any other. The new Syclone is force-fed by a centrifugal blower, but you can't hear it. Behind the pulley is a set of patents that will blow your mind, that's all we can tell you. It allows for maximum boost at an instant, and almost no drag on the crank when its not needed. Because of this, you will have 455 horsepower and 425 lb-ft of torque.

Transforming the GMC Canyon into the Syclone took more than power. To make sure it hooks, traction bars run the entire length of the driveshaft. New leaf springs and new coils drop the truck 2" front and 6" rear.The front swaybar is massive, and the rear has two eyelets for adjustment. Alex Borla and his team developed the first exhaust for this V6 that eliminates drone. SVE wheels measure 20"x10" and are wrapped in 275 mm tires at all corners. Brakes are 6-piston calipers on 13.6" rotors, with aluminum hats to reduce weight.

Because of all the details involved, only 100 trucks will be built each year. It is available from all GMC dealers for $39,995 (in addition to your 2WD or 4WD GMC Canyon). If you already have a V6 Canyon or GMC Colorado, the supercharger retails for $6,000, and most of the other pieces will be available a-la carte. Each Syclone is covered by the factory warrany, and it can be serviced at any GM dealer. Click the link below for all the details and stay with us for all your SVE updates.

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