Each NMOTO Nostalgia motorcycle that's created is designed to pay homage to the BMW R7 pre-way prototype, the classic bike which was the inspiration for the Nostalgia. Just because these new motorcycles are purposefully designed, doesn't mean that customers can't customize theirs.

For that, NMOTO has an in-depth configurator. Many people are hopping in line to get one of these Nostalgias, like Billy Joel who stopped by NMOTO's headquarters to get fitted for his bike. Check out the steps of the configurator by scrolling below and get started on building your next bike.

Click Here for the NMOTO Nostalgia Configurator

Step 1. Paint

There are 11 options here, each of the quite different from each other. I chose midnight blue because I thought it'd be fitting for a bike with a BMW badge.

Step 2. Wheel Type

Here there are two options, cast aluminum and spoked. Spoked costs a little bit more, but the result is a very vintage look.

Step 3. Wheel Color

Again, NMOTO is providing a good lists of paint colors but this time for wheels. It may be unconventional, but I love the way the desert paint looks against the blue.

Step 4. Leather Color

I continued the dark brown color from the wheels onto the leather with the dark beige Ferrari Nappa pick.

Step 5. Leather Stitching

You can either opt for diamond stitching or straight stitching, which will change how both the seats and grips look. I, for one, am a fan of diamond stitching.

Step 6. Steering Bar

Here's where you get to decide how you'll be driving the bike, thanks to these two options. The Vintage bar is a bit more narrow, while the Nostalgia bar is wider.

Step 7. Footrest Type

From your hands to your feet, you get to pick out how you'll be driving. While I do love the look of the Factory footrest, the Vintage footrest provides plenty of space.

Step 8. Summary

From here, you'll be able to either share your NMOTO Nostalgia or send it to NMOTO so you can get the build process started. It's as simple as that!

Click Here for the NMOTO Nostalgia Configurator