The Bentley Bentayga is a refined SUV meant for luxurious cruises, but it's also capable of off-road adventures. For some, the Bentayga doesn't give off enough "off-road" vibes. To cure this, there's the Bengala Bentayga², a wild new take on the luxurious SUV that turns it into a true off-road SUV.

Behind the Bentayga² is Bengala Automotive, a company based out of Madrid, Spain. For the Bentayga², they teamed up with a Spanish Off-Road Rally champion to ensure it's a truly capable vehicle. The result is a Bentley like you've never seen before.

Each Bentayga² can be customized to the customer's liking, but they all come with a few standard features. This includes the new suspension, off-road tires, wide fenders and more. Bengala says they can develop and finish on demand according to what the customer wants.

If you're interested in one of these monsters, act quick because they're only producing 15 of them.

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