Sun Tzu said to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. The problem is that today it is hard to tell friend from foe. That's why something tough has just emerged from BMW's plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

If your daily commute encounters small arms fire, BMW has unveiled the X5 Protection armored SUV. After complete disassembly, every component was upgraded to VR6 specifications.

This is a standard adopted by NATO for protection of state officials and dignitaries. It comes from the constant fear of assassination or kidnaping in areas like South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. First off, it has to be capable to handle 33 lbs of TNT parked next to it. This lateral blast locks the armored windows in place. Overlaps in the body seams prevent forced entry, and the drivetrain will still be running.

Every piece of glass is over an inch thick, and it is rated to stop the 7.62 x 39 round fired by the AK-47. Next up, it was tested against the DM-51 fragmentation grenade developed for the Eastern Bloc nations in 1978. The X5 Protection passed without flinching and quickly evaded the situation.

Under the armored hood is a highly modified X5M V8. It uses twin turbos to make 530 horsepower. Torque is what you really need to get moving, so it offers 568 lb-ft at only 1,800 rpm. The suspension, brakes, and drivetrain are all new and built to take a blast. A 30-06 might give it a headache, so if someone is after you with that you should consider your life choices. If you need more security, click the link below to find our BMW dealer near you to request more information.

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