A&E's hit TV show "Hoarders" was a look into the minds of people who can't let anything go. And the value placed on garbage seems illogical at best. But what about people who collect Italian exotics? What you are about to see is a tragedy, because a field of forgotten Ferraris is a sad sight.

Ben Branch is the founder and editor of Silodrome, and he heard about this collection from Paul Cox, a prominent figure within Houston's Ferrari scene. A successful lawyer started out collecting Corvettes before turning his attention to Ferrari. As such, his collection grew to include several examples of the 308, 328, 348, Testarossa, and even a few Mondials.

What Happened?

The cars were stored in a warehouse until he was diagnosed with a serious illness. After missing a few payments, the cars were moved outside sometime around 2012. Once the payments were caught up, the cars were supposed to be moved back in. This never happened and they have been neglected ever since. The author is protecting all names and locations due to ongoing litigation.

We do know that of the 11 cars, nine have titles and will be hopefully be restored. This story is bound to have more details, so stay with us for updates. In the meantime, Ferrari of Houston might have the inside scoop.

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Credit: All images and story Copyright Ben Branch at Silodrome.com