Formula E has racing is dominated by the latest in electric technology, so many manufacturers have used the races to showcase their latest models. Such was the case on Saturday, as the Aston Martin Rapide E stunned spectators in Monaco. In their latest press release, we learned that Aston Martin works driver Darren Turner was behind the wheel.

Winning LeMans three times gives him the confidence to push this 600 horsepower sedan to its limits. Instead of the traditional V12, you will find a an 800v battery pack. It powers twin rear motors to deliver 700 lb-ft of torque. The capacity of 65 kWh is comparable to the base model Tesla Model S 60, which operates at only 375 volts.

Perhaps Aston Martin will have a competitive range thanks to the higher voltage, we will find out when production begins later this year. Only 155 examples will be built, so tell us how much you would pay to have one of the final Rapides in the comments below.

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