If you have dreamed of a carbon fiber supercar, McLaren has several examples to offer. What began in 2011 has far exceeded their expectations. So congratulations to everyone at McLaren Automotive as they celebrate 20,000 cars. In their latest press release, everyone at the McLaren Production Centre gathered around a Chicane Grey 600LT Spider.

To keep up with increasing demand, the company employees over 2,300 skilled men & women. Last year saw 4,800 cars delivered, and they are on target for 5,000 for the 2019 model year. Street cars are now a majority of McLaren Group's profits, finally edging out their race technology division. What was 10 cars per day in 2016 is now 20 cars, and they are sold in 32 markets around the world.

Chief Operating Officer Dr. Jens Ludmann said: “It’s testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment from our McLaren Production Centre employees that we’re now able to produce 20 cars a day across many different vehicle types and variants.” If you want to know what makes McLaren cars so popular, click the link below and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

McLaren 600LT For Sale