It seems that the CorvetteForum has people looking into every aspect of the new Corvette. One of them was eavesdropping on GM's monthly dealer Podcast and overheard some interesting news. Not all dealers will be able to sell the new model. Because it is so different, here is how to buy a Chevrolet Corvette C8.

Walking into your local dealer with cash on the barrelhead won't do anything. Chevy built thousands of C7 Stingrays, Grand Sport, Z06 & ZR1 in case the new car was delayed. They will sweet talk you by offering a Stingray cheaper than a fully-loaded Camaro, so be strong! This is where it gets tough. You will need to find out if the dealer is ready to take your deposit because they have two choices to be able to sell the C8.

Two Prototypes Had A Big Mac Attack

The first involves sending a salesperson to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch to experience the new car. A mid-mounted engine will not react like any Corvette before it, so buyers need to be aware of its abilities. This costs $3,500 for each salesperson. At the same time, the senior service technician will be required to complete hours of training and purchase C8 specific tools for $1,500.

'Ring Time

Or they can complete the Corvette Participation Agreement. Details of this program were redacted, but it will list that dealer on as a Corvette Signature Dealer. It will also allow them to sell new Corvette merchandise and sign up for the C8 Mobile Tour. Chevy is taking the C8 on the road, stopping at dealers around the country to allow employees and the public to see it in person.

C8 Corvette Price & Specs

Sebring C8.R

All dealers have a deadline of June 6th to enroll, so you might need to conduct some espionage of your own. Call the service department and ask if they have a Corvette technician, or just drive around to an open bay and ask the oldest Technician in the shop. Tell them what you read here, and I assure you he will be heard across the lot. The big Chevy dealers have no choice in the matter, but they could also tack on a premium for the first cars that arrive. We will update this process as it evolves, so stay with us for all your Corvette news.

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