Sometimes a car is just a car, but this one hits a few nerves. Mulliner is Bentley's custom shop, and they will build anything you wish for. Their past works include a Bentayga for Falconry, one for Fly Fishing, and the EXP concept cars. Their latest build is sure to get attention, as Bentley has unveiled a Continental GT convertible inspired by Bavaria.

Their latest press release does not mention if this was built for a customer or an employee, but we have a suspicion. Glacier White and Imperial Blue are the colors of the Bavarian flag. They can be found in several places around the car. It will be unveiled at a private event hosted by Bentley of Munich.

It might just be a coincidence, but Munich is also home to BMW (Bavarian Motor Works). BMW owns Rolls-Royce, their chief competitor. In fact, the colors mentioned above appear in BMW's logo. Being that Bentley is owned by Volkswagen, are we looking at a proxy war of British luxury playing out in Germany?

If we see a Stuttgart edition Wraith, Europe is doomed. In all seriousness they both build amazing automobiles, so click the link below to find a Continental near you.

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