You can't deny the success of the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Editions. Aimed at a younger demographic, they ride on carbon fiber wheels and the interior has immaculate carbon fiber accents. The name might be deceiving to some because the skilled coachbuilders will paint your Black Badge any color you desire. To show the world what they are capable of, Rolls-Royce has unveiled the Pebble Beach Pastel Collection.

Their inspiration was the return of vibrant wildflowers to the Monterey Peninsula. Years of drought gave way to much-needed rain, and gorgeous flowers have added a perfect backdrop for this year's show. Starting with the Black Badge Ghost, it is a new finish named Light Green Solid. It represents the rebirth of the local fauna. The hand-stitched interior is black with Serenity Green highlights.

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Next is the Black Badge Dawn in Coral Solid. This finish took 7 coats with color-sanding between each. The interior is Arctic White with accents in Sunset. The final member of this trifecta is a Black Badge Wraith in Semaphore Yellow. It was meant to stand out as it is the most powerful model in their lineup. Inside you are treated to Selby Grey and Lemon along with the Starlight headliner. Given a blank canvas, tell us how you would build configure your Rolls-Royce in the comments below, and stay with us for all your Pebble Beach news.

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