Loyalty in the automotive business is worth its weight in gold. When our first issue was coming together in 1985, we asked dealers and private sellers to take a leap of faith and advertise with us. At that time Richard Gorman had a small garage in North Miami, Florida specializing in high-quality imported cars.  He took a chance in our new magazine and the rest is history.

Other dealers have come and gone but we are proud to say that Vantage Motorworks has never missed a month in our magazine. They evolved from a small shop to a world-class authority for Rolls-Royce and Bentley sales and restorations. 

As their technicians tackled more involved projects, Richard decided to go all-in.  Instead of outsourcing interior or woodwork, he hired his own talented crew of trimmers, carpenters, body and paint craftsmen. Along with a crew of experienced mechanics all the work is performed in the same location under his watchful eye in his facility.

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Many Vantage employees have worked there for 25 years or more so they are not intimidated by a diamond in the rough.  After restoration, many of their projects often result in Concours trophies for their clients.

Work In Progress

These proprietary methods are why Vantage Motorworks pays good money for English classics. Many seasoned employees have worked there over 25 years, so they are not scared of a diamond in the rough. After the restoration, it will emerge to outshine the Crown Jewels.

Located 30 minutes from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale airports, the Vantage inventory is worth a South Florida vacation.  Examples of their restorations can often be seen at the finest automotive events worldwide. Judges and enthusiasts often say “You can always tell a Vantage car!”


If your collection needs a centerpiece – click the link below or give us a call.  You won’t be disappointed.  305-940-1161

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