Before you assume we built another black and red car, we are not always stuck to our corporate colors. Because Aston Martin color sands and buffs each car to a brilliant shine, we browsed their normal paints for something that would show epic orange peel on a lesser brand. I will show you all the tips and tricks now that the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante configurator is live.

Their standard colors are known as the "AM Palette" these were uninspiring for such a stunning design, so we chose to go with their "Q Palette". Anything done by Q carries a cost factor since it is their custom shop, but go big or go home. We chose Zaffre Blue because is has just the right metallic for a sunset ride down the beach. Two choices of carbon fiber are gloss and black tinted. Black covers the book-matched weave of the carbon, so we chose the traditional finish.

Next up was a choice of smoked or red taillights. Red is nothing special, but the smoked lenses are clear with red LEDs behind them, and it provides a nice contrast. The next questions involved carbon fiber or mesh for the hood and side louvers...Mesh, really? Of course we went carbon! It went the same way for the mirrors, windshield surround and the door handles.

They offer 8 colors for the cloth top, and black was too simple. A unique weave of black & silver almost shines, and it will keep the heat out in the Summer. Five choices of 21" wheels have three shades of 10-spoke and two lightweight twin-spoke designs. Lighter wheels equal a softer ride, so we chose the matte black set with matching center caps and calipers.

Aston Martin Unveils the DBS Superleggera Volante

Carbon Fiber Badge Pack 3 is the highest level offered, and it included the hood emblem, trunk, DBS script & Superleggera in carbon fiber. Everything under the hood can be left black, but we opted for the carbon fiber engine cover and gold heat insulation. Gold can be found on the engine plaque, oil filler cap, hood, and the dipstick handle.

Moving inside, you can choose from all-Alcantara, monotone leather, duo tone leather, or "Q Environment". The last one unlocks a series of custom touches, so why not? Maltese Blue is the primary color, and it is offset by Light Argento Metallic contrasts. The choice between tri-axial and geode quilting can be tough, but the former reminds us of Epcot's Spaceship Earth.

Bang & Olufsen audio and machined carbon fiber make for a nice cockpit, and we chose the heated GT steering wheel instead of the aggressive sports wheel.

Options we would have liked to see were performance exhaust and cast iron rotors, but Aston Martin does not compromise on performance or civility. Tell us how you would build yours in the comments below, and click the link to order yours now.

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Aston Martin Volante Vision in Action

Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato Previewed