A few weeks ago Porsche release all the specs on the new 911 convertible. As it is the first of the 992 generation to lose its roof, the press release was accompanied by every engineering detail. Still photos are fine for state's evidence, but nothing beats a film when it comes to selling cars. Our wait is finally over, because their latest upload is the new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet convertible top in action.

Not only is it the lowest top in 911 history, it is also the lightest. Using a magnesium frame, it has a simple folding action that happens in 12 seconds. It can be raised or lowered up to 30 mph, and its hydraulic cylinders have a combined ton of force at your command. It would be nice to have a manual folding top, but I could live with this one as a daily driver. Click the link below to find one near you.

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