Remember the Lamborghini Espada Rat Rod? The insane build that dominated the custom car scene was built by Alexandre Danton, and his team at Danton Arts Kustoms. He pushes his team to think outside the box, and their next creation will be just as wild. While Porsche has been rumored to be resurrecting the 928, there is a much easier way to have a front-engine car with 2 doors. The Hemi powered Porsche 997 will be a monster when finished.

Three teaser pics were uploaded to Instagram over the weekend, and they are truly impressive. After reinforcing the body, the team cut the roof away and replaced it with a roll cage. The flat-six engine and its cradle have been cut away, leaving almost nothing behind the rear suspension. Up front the fuel tank was removed and the firewall was recessed to fit a Dodge HEMI V8.

While a naturally aspirated engine is being used for mock up, their rendering shows a massive supercharger that is taller than the windshield. It would be a great candidate for Pro-Street or Outlaw 10.5 classes, so we will be watching this build very closely. Tell us what you think of this build and click the link below to find a 911 near you.

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