Nothing will ever capture your attention like a Lamborghini Miura. It is the result of a team of stylists and engineers who intended to beat Maranello at their own gams. Ferruccio Lamborghini built an empire with his tractor business. As an engineer, he kept finding flaws in his wife's Ferrari. Enzo told him to go back to farming. So began Lamborghini Automobili. He hires Giampolo Dallara, and Marcel Gandini, and the oldest of the group was 27 years old. The Miura is a 4.0L DOHC V12 mounted transversely behind the cockpit. Nothing like it will ever happen again, so the Lamborghini Miura has received a dedicated class at Pebble Beach.

Only 763 cars were built by hand between 1966 to 1973, including the famous wreck at the intro of "The Italian Job". When Miura owners heard of this year's special class, only 5 cars met the criteria to be displayed. They are in-transit from around the world, with 3 examples being restored by Lamborghini Polo Storico.

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The cars are as follows:

  • 1967 P400 from Belvedere, CA Chassis #3087- 22nd production car built
  • 1968 P400 from Medina, WA, Chassis #3303- Originally owned by the Shah of Iran
  • 1968 P400 from Liechtenstein Chassis #3586- The hero car from "The Italian Job"
  • 1972 P400 SV- Owned by FIA President Jean Tod Chassis 3673- Restored by Polo Storico in 2018
  • 1968/1975 SVR- Sold to Shinji Takei, Japan Chassis 3781. Sold to Heinz Steber in Germany (1974) who sent it back to the factory to be converted into a race car. Recently restored by Polo Storico to SVR specs
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