As you are reading this, over 25 Porsches 911 are en-route to California. Working with our friends at Petrolicious, the goal is to capture amazing footage of these immaculate Porsche 964 models. Named in honor of Porsche Engineer Norbert Singer. Founded by Rob Dickinson, you might recognize his cousin Bruce Dickinson as the frontman for Iron Maiden. Although Bruce always needs more cowbell, his brother prefers carbon fiber. This allows them to specialize in the 1989-1994 (Type 964) models.

When Singer is done restoring your 964, it will be stronger, lighter, and faster. The last bit relies on Williams Engineering to supply an incredible flat-six.

Rob refers to his creations as "re-imagined" version of a Targa or 964 Coupe. Congratulations on a decade of building amazing cars, and stay with us for all your Porsche news. If you would like your own, click the link below for a great deal on a Porsche 964

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