Many supercars and almost all hypercars are designed for all-out performance. The exteriors make no compromises, as each manufacturer tries to outdo the others. But on the inside, the Bugatti Chiron interior inspirations are the opposite of everyone else.

We're not going to name names, but you have probably noticed the trend of street cars with race-ready interiors. Fixed carbon fiber seats, no carper or insulation, and pull straps instead of door handles. While this appeals to many motorsports enthusiasts, Bugatti has not lost their luxurious heritage.

Etienne Salomé is the Director of Interior design, and he said: "When I began to develop the design of the Chiron interior, it was clear that the DNA of the new hyper sports car would be characterized by the technology with its iconic 16-cylinder eight-litre engine."

"So I started to adapt the idea of the exterior design to the interior and make it as technical as possible – without sacrificing the high demands of Bugatti. Bugatti's primary concern is to create and preserve an icon. But the Chiron is much more than an automobile; it is a timeless work of art, a breath-taking masterpiece on four wheels."

After driving a handful of Veyrons, I can attest to how peaceful the cockpit is. The Chiron takes it a step further by consolidating controls and contouring the leather into elegant shapes. Because the 16-cylinder engine is perfectly balanced, no vibration or engine noise is noticeable.

People seem to think such a car is impractical, but Bugatti built them to be driven. It has a small turning radius and good ground clearance. Visibility is great and their are no quirks to speak of. If you don't believe me, click the link below and tell us your thoughts.

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