Supercars can be more than just fun to drive. In fact, some of them can be the perfect daily driver. Case in point, the McLaren 600LT. While it may look like a rocket, and it is, don't get me wrong, but it's also impeccable when it comes to daily driving. Beau Rogers of McLaren Beverly Hills knows this fact first hand, especially after his most recent outing around the streets of Beverly Hills.

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"The bumper to bumper dread is the reality for most Angelinos," wrote Rogers in his write-up on "Stoplight to stoplight, constant change of lands, bridge a gap - repeat." These kinds of daily annoyances add up, especially when they're a daily occurrence. Thankfully, drivers of the 600LT can drive easily. Rogers notes that it's "nice to know that the 600LT handles that aspect with the best of them."

Naturally, most owners of the 600LT know that the new McLaren truly shines when on the track. For that, Rogers took the supercar over to The Thermal Club, a private race track out in the California desert. When Rogers first put the 600LT's pedal to the floor, he was met with a joyous response. "I laughed out loud as I took a few pulls of the right paddle," exclaimed Rogers. He also notes that the 600LT is a rarity in that it's the first road car he's driven where its "cornering limitations are beyond belief. "With the handling mode set to Track, the 600LT is pancake-flat through the sweeping turns."

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